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FORUS Foundation ensures that the tools are used as designed and not co-opted into any ideology.

FORUS is a platform collaboration. FORUS Digital is the transactional payment platform. The African Wealth Fund generates liquidity to invest in the emerging economy at scale, using the FORUS Digital platform.

Core Technology suppliers and users are contracted in a revenue share model. The revenue generated on the platform is used to maintain the platform, service the debt instruments and generate return for all users and stakeholders via the MahalaX equity token, and then to shareholders, of whom the majority are users or member based social enterprises.

FORUS uses the MahalaX equity stablecoin to enable universal stakeholding of investors and end users of the platform and combined with the bond model and shareholding structure ensure that the revenue is distributed equitably across the platform.

The primary objective of the platform is to enable access to capital, skills and markets for users, to deepen financial inclusion at scale in a manner that supports the emergence of an economy that creates inclusive well being.

The African Wealth Fund generates it’s primary equity through a once off membership sign up fee for users. This secures the debt instrument raised.

The FORUS Foundation provides oversight to all country instances of the platform deployed. FORUS Foundation ensures that the tools are used as designed and not co-opted into any ideology.

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