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The FORUS Blockchain includes multiple innovations that combine to achieve secure database storage.

End to end encryption storage ensures that no single point of weakness exists in the design of the security system, all encryption and decryption is conducted inside the wallet (client node). The recipient’s public key, encrypts the transaction and it is then written into the FORUS blockchain.

This methodology prevents intruders from obtaining any encrypted data on the FORUS blockchain. Closure network nodes are used as our private database storage system. FORUS keep all nodes deployed in a protected and trusted network environment. FORUS use the blockchain as a transactional network database, the server and nodes are in close proximity, and network latency is guaranteed to deliver an under < 200ms propagation time window.

FORUS Blockchain is not open to the public to mine or manipulate the blockchain by computational advantage. All FORUS Blockchain use pre-mined tokens.

FORUS blockchain operates a protocol that enables web applications to communicate with the Blockchain network. All the transactions are indexed at the blockchain API layer to speed transaction lookup such as double spending verification and transaction logs.

Ongoing updates and features are taken into consideration based on feedback from the Bitcoin/FLASH community and users. FORUS follows industry standards of thoroughly testing each layer of the stack before implementing it to production.

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