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Multi-blockchain interoperability is achieved via exchange and in-wallet exchange

The FORUS System was designed with interoperability principles as a core component. The modular-based architecture of the FORUS system enables applications and devices to access, exchange, integrate data, and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner within and across organizational, regional, and national boundaries to provide convenient and seamless portability of information.

FORUS System provides wallet services, digital ID management services, and a blockchain service, over REST API. It makes thesystem highly interoperable. We have the flexibility to make REST API services open or permission-based, depending on the requirements. The Modular design also makes it easy to integrate other applications like National Payment Systems, Banking systems, and make them then available in the FORUS System.

Multi-blockchain interoperability is achieved via exchange and in-wallet exchange. Users can make in-wallet purchases via debit/ credit card, net banking and wire transfer. They would also be able to exchange Coins / Tokens from the wallet and apps, thus making the sale and purchase of coin/token a seamless experience.

The FORUS wallet has in-wallet exchange capabilities, and can store many different coins including stable coins (legal tender backed coins or tokens), loyalty coins, and community coins and tokens. A facility in the wallet can allow users to exchange coins for different coins held by other wallet users in a centralized or peer to peer manner. Because the wallet holds the keys, the FORUS wallet knows there are good funds for the coins to be traded. The wallet has a feature called “two-party escrow”, where the wallet locks the coins to be traded, and they are released to both parties once the trade is approved by both parties.

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